About Us

ABOUT CHEPAK HOMEO LAB (Seven Herbal Cosmetics)

CHEPAK HOMEO LAB has been manufacturing skin, hair, and other herbal products for more than 33 years. Our 30+ years of expertise in the family-owned Cosmetics business have enabled us to identify industry trends far ahead of the competition. CHEPAK has invested heavily in extensive manufacturing, well-equipped laboratory, modern instruments, efficient distribution, and warehousing capabilities that position us for future growth and allow us to serve better both domestically and internationally.

In 1989, Nazir A. Sheikh Bubber, Everyone knew as Bao Ji. He founded the company Chepak Homeo Labs (C.P.H.L). He changed the way people saw the cosmetics & beauty world. He was a Trend Setter. He introduced products made from Natural Ingredients. Seven herbal, Hair & Fair, Brido, Look Fresh, Cinci are some of the branches of the C.P.H.L tree. Hair & Fair Hair Oil was the first product launched and it is still a benchmark for hair oils. Then he launched Cinci Acne Cure and Brido Whitening Cream & they broke all the sales records. Pakistan’s first and original Ubtan was introduced & it took Pakistan’s beauty industry by storm. Since then Seven Herbal has been one of the Leading cosmetics brands in Pakistan